EPOMM-PLUS is structured into the following 8 Workpackages (WPs)

WP1 - Project Management
Provides a smooth overall management of the project as well as the linkage to the IEE

The two networking WPs develop networks on a European and national level - they are central for developing the EPOMM-network:

WP2 - EU Network
Coordinates networking, dissemination and knowledge transfer between ongoing EU-funded mobility management projects.

WP3 - National Networks
Here the main aim is to build up national platforms for MM. Therefore, EPOMM-PLUS has partners (so called Network Initiators - NI) in 22 European states

The two networking tools WPs provide the network WPs with tools and services:

WP4 - Translation and National Event Promotion
Increases the dissemination of MM best practice on a national level by translation of existing EPOMM materials, modification of the website as well as making and disseminating the e-updates. It also promotes the National MM Workshops.

WP5 - Trainings
Develops trainings, train the trainer meetings, a training quality label as well as a training and trainer database - in cooperation with national and EU-project developments - in order to support the dissemination of MM (Links to these Trainings are coming soon!)

The two supportive WPs help the other WPs:

WP6 - Policy and Legislation

  • analysis of mobility management policy and legislation in 27 European states - through the so called Mobility Management Monitors (MMM) - eg. the MMM of Belgium 2011;
  • transfer roadmaps of MM between the EPOMM member states;
  • raised awareness within the EU of MM as a part of mainstream policy.

WP7 - Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring of MM projects in EPOMM-PLUS countries via MaxTools as well as in MaxEva;
  • Build up of modal split monitoring of cities in EPOMM-PLUS countries (link to city database is coming soon)
  • Quality Assurance on the EPOMM-PLUS project itself.

WP8 - Common Dissemination
Dissemination on behalf of the EACI