Planning Workshop

If you are planning a new or redeveloped area and want to use the planning process in new and innovative ways, a planning simulation workshop could be for you. It’s an ideal way to experiment with novel ideas such as lower parking standards and location of parking spaces, higher energy and insulation standards, integrating Mobility Management (MM) in planning processes, different patterns of green space, special design specifications for higher densities, or sustainable transport access to the new development. The workshop brings together the professionals involved in planning - architects, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, developers, environmental and transport planners and more - to look at the development from new angles and to discuss new ideas in a structured yet informal way. The planning simulation workshop:

  • Is a great starting point for innovation in planning;
  • Brings together everyone who’s involved in the planning process;
  • Identifies ways that the planning system might need to change; and
  • Stimulates new thinking about the planning of real sites.


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