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Managing transport demand to attain sustainable development and economic effectiveness - why and how?

The use of cars is growing steadily and has negative consequences such as pollution and daily traffic congestion. Statistical forecasts show that demand for passenger and freight transport is increasing. How can mobility management help to break down the connection between economic growth and transport growth?

New forms of co-operation are required to bring mobility management into the early phases of planning processes. New structures, forums and meeting places must be developed. How will the new structures and new partnerships function and what status will they have? How can mobility management be implemented in the planning process?

The ECOMM conferences will by these mobility management experiences contribute to the development of sustainable transportation.

Previous conferences

Bregenz 2000
While the previous ECOMMs were primarily targeted at urban transport issues, ECOMM 2000 in Bregenz, for the first time, focused on important cross-border and regional aspects of Mobility Management.

Rome 2001
ECOMM 2001 in Rome focused primarily on the following key themes:

  • ECOMM as a means of pushing forward European legislation
  • overview of procedures in legislation, regulatory framework, taxation, pricing policies and fiscal aspects currently adopted in different countries
  • integration of mobility management concepts in urban and land use, environmental and transport planning, communication activities and the role of local authorities to promote these actions
  • role of communication to involve people in developing a new culture of sustainable mobility
  • organisation and training for the mobility management plans
  • other partners role in mobility management realisation (employers, unions, site owners, car manufacturers, ecc.)
  • successful case histories of mobility management in companies, schools, hospitals, exhibition or cities/regions)
  • innovation and improvement of flexible collective transport services, as a consequence of the application of mobility management
  • mobility management addressing specific target groups promoting healthier and safer mobility

    Gent 2002
    Key theme of Ecomm 2002 in Gent was responsibel mobility - active partnership.

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