Session 1: Land user planning & mobility management
ppt_pic Roman Klementschitz
Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria
Best practice of integrating Mobility Management in Land Use Planning in the field of off street parking policy
ppt_pic Ulrich Kinder, Bremen Region, Germany
RASCH - Rail-Supported Settlement Development in the Bremen Region
doc_pic Arcagelo Merella, Town Councillor of Traffic, City of Genoa, Italy
Mobility urban plans Strategies and instruments for people and goods' mobility in metropolitan areas
Session 2: Attitudes and behaviour setting of different target groups to consider when adopting mobility management
ppt_pic Raf Canters, Mobiel 21, Bligium
The civil contract on short distance trips
ppt_pic Lucia Gola, Area Mobility Manager, City of Parma, Italy
Mobility management real case
ppt_pic Andrea Saccani, Mobility Manager Parma's Hospital, University of Studies of Parma, Italy
The case of the Azienda Ospedaliera, University of the Study, Parma Italy
Session 3: Tourism, resident and social activities
ppt_pic Olivia Morris, The National Trust, United Kingdom
How to influence visitor behaviour. Are travel Plans for visitors the answer?
pdf_pic Marco Viviani, Ökoinstitut, Italy
A different adventure in Genova Valley (I): mobility management for a tourist area
ppt_pic Susanne Böhler, Wuppertal Instituet for Climate, Environment and Energy,
Sylvie Grischkat, University of Lüneburg, Germany
Sustainable Tourism: Travel Groups and Intervention Strategies
Session 4: Environmental policies to improve the effect of Mobility Management
ppt_pic Karl-Heinz Posch, AMOR, Austria
Biodiesel in Graz
ppt_pic Paolo Vettori, FederMetano, Italy
ppt_pic Salvatore Piccolo, Assogasliquidi, Italy
Session 5: Changing attitudes towards sustainable transport system
ppt_pic Robert Stussi, Vice President Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association - APVE, Portugal
Receptivity for Mobility Management measures/ plans in a country with no explicit Mobility Management policies/laws
Guiseppe De Giovanni, Business Development Director, Vectix Europe
Do the two-wheelers vehicles deserve to be considered as a strategic element in a Sustainable Mobility Programm?
ppt_pic Raffaele Tripputi, Mobility and Traffic, City of Reggio Emilia, Italy
Policies and projects for cycling mobility. Reggio Emilia Experience
doc_pic Eleonora Ferrari, Infomobility, City of Parma, Italy
Parma: strategies toward intermodality
Session 6: Economic instruments to promote sustainable mobility
ppt_pic Maria Pollicino, Ministry for the Environment and Territory, Italy
ppt_pic Sally Cairns, Transport studies university College London, UK (videoconference)
Smarter Choices - changing travel behaviour through 'soft' policies
ppt_pic Henk Pauwels, AVV, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
The effectiveness of Mobility management: where there is a will, there is an effect
ppt_pic Silvia Maffii, University of Studies, Politecnico of Milan, Italy
ppt_pic Cristina Sacchi, Gemeaz Cousin, Gruppo Accor International, Italy
Ticket Trasporto. For a sustainable mobility