Presentations and Photos from the 17th ECOMM in Gävle, Sweden

Documentation of the conference through 500 tweets by the participants - many thanks!
All photos were taken by Robert Stüssi.
ECOMM 2013, EPOMM-award
ECOMM 2013, Synaptic-award

ECOMM Program

1st Conference Day, Wednesday, May 29th 2013

Opening session
A1 Sharing
A2 Mobility management and road works
A3 Sustainable urban mobility plans - the projects
A4 Top rated cases

2nd Conference Day, Thursday, May 30th 2013

B1 it, gamification, fun
B2 Sharing - overview over new developments
B3 MM research methods 1: data and upscaling
B4 Mobility management and land use planning
B5 MM approach for freight and deliveries
C1 The bicycle and mobility management
C2 Sharing public space
C3 MM research methods 2: marketing
C5 IT and gamification
D1 Mobility management and the economy
D2 Health as a winner for mobility management
D3 MM research methods 3: analysis put to practice
D4 The cycling boom 1: everyday life

3rd Conference Day, Friday, May 31st 2013

E1 Save money with mobility management
E2 E-mobility in real terms
E3 How policy drivers change
E4 The cycling boom 2: The changing city
Closing session

1st Conference Day, Wednesday, May 29th 2013

Opening session

Moderator: Christer Ljungberg

Ronald Haverman:

EPOMM-Introduction – Opening ECOMM 2013

Christof Marx:

What Intelligent Energy Europe expects from Mobility Management

Mark Major:

How the European Commission supports ‘mobility management’

Odette van de Riet:

The EPOMM manifesto: Managing Mobility for a BetterFuture

A1 Sharing

Chair: Björn Sandelien

Tom Murray Willis:

Using incentives to boost car pooling

Elena Mucha:

Environmental benefi ts of innovative and integrated urban mobility concepts

Gunnar Granberg:

Space time - an infrastructure for sustainable personal transportation

Bo Palm:

Why car-pooling is a success in the small community of Tolg, Sweden

Jesper Sundblad:

Public transport and car sharing instead of company car

Petra Völkl:

European Mobility Week in Austria and Mobility Week Bonus Booklet - a success story

A2 Mobility management and road works

Chair: Jesper Johansson

Henk Pauwels:

On MM and road construction in the Netherlands and the transfer to Sweden

Katarina Appeltofft:

Mobility Management in construction phase in Stockholm movies on!

Louise Melander:

Mobility Management during Road Construction in Sweden: The case of the Stockholm bypass E4

A3 Sustainable urban mobility plans - The projects

Chair: Thomas Vidal

Julia Zientek:

ADVANCE – better planning, better cities

Michael Koucky:

The QUEST tool: improving urban mobility policies in 50 European cities

Karin Neergaard:

EcoMobility SHIFT: driving cities away from private motorised transport

A4 Top rated cases

Chair: Johan Nielsen

Emeli Adell:

E-shopping: what benefi ts can it really bring?

Johanna Taskinen:

Shopping by foot, biking to post offi ce – inhabitants acting for sustainable neighbourhood

Dea Seeberg:

Mobility accounts – a great tool for working strategically with Mobility Management

Lena Smidfelt Rosqvist:

MM promoting a paradigm shift towards sustainability

2nd Conference Day, Thursday, May 30th 2013

B1 IT, gamification, fun

Chair: Tapani Touru

Paula Väisänen:

Työpyöräile! – How social media can turn simple bike sharing to something bigger

Elke Van Os:

Viral campaign encourages voters to walk or cycle

Marianne Weinreich:

I cycle – therefore I am! How to use gamification and self-tracking in cycling promotion

Delphine Eeckhout:

Internal competition helps in attaining modal shift: results of successful mobility months at the Eandis company, Flanders

Rüdiger Bernhard:

VIELMOBIL – The importance of local knowledge for intermodal information services

Rick Lindeman:

Co-creation Campaign with travelers to change your last urban mile

B2 Sharing – overview over new developments

Chair: Tom Rye

Friso Metz:

Carsharing platform

Benoit Beroud:

Public bicycle scheme: worldwide models of governance

Ronald Haverman:

How bike sharing adapts to the local situation

B3 MM research methods 1: Data and upscaling

Chair: Odette v.d. Riet

Markus Robèrt:

Scaling up company travel plans to regional perspectives

Sandra Runsten:

Turning Mobility Management into Profit

Peter Andries:

Belgian federal surveys: Belgian Daily Mobility (Beldam), Commuting (Home-to-Work)

B4 Mobility management and land use planning

Chair: Kristina Gauce

Anette Enemark:

Motivations for combining MM and land use planning: Four cases of burning platforms MM approach for freight and deliveries

David Knight:

Taunton expansion

Caroline Mattson:

Mobility management and land use planning – from policy to practice in Swedish municipalities

B5 MM approach for freight and deliveries

Chair: Dagmar Roeller

Christopher Widegren:

Sustainable city distribution – case Gothenburg

Gary Armstrong:

Highlighting the potential of the bicycle for delivering goods in an urban environment

Christof Hertel and Merja Spott:

Pilot project: Cycle logistics at big events: The German protestant churchday, Hamburg 2013

C1 The bicycle and mobility management

Chair: Willem Buijs

Per-Erik Hahn:

Winter Cyclist Linköping

Pascal Van den Noort:

Low Lijn Amsterdam

Sjors Van Duren:

Combining the building of cycling highways with mobility management

Jakob Hoej:

How to fi nd a safe and secure bicycle route – A journey planner for cyclists

Pär Wallin:

Commuting with an electric bike! Borrow an electric bicycle, park it in a safe garage, ride the train and get to work

Ismo Heikkinen:

Need of change in winter maintenance for pedestrian and bicycle ways Kuopio, Finland.

C2 Sharing public space

Chair: Sarah Martens

John Dales:

Shared space examples from the UK – including „Exhibition Road“

Raymond Linssen:

The power of combining: more than mobility

Nektar Duma:

Sharing urban streets in Shkodra

C3 MM research methods 2: Marketing

Chair: Colin Black

Karen Vancluysen:

Do the right Mix

Aleksandra Romanowska:

Increasing bicycle use based on segmented marketing – example from Gdynia

Yvonne van Velthoven-Aarts:

Avoid the Peak in Brabant: From trial to new habits

C5 IT and gamification

Chair: Bodo Schwieger

Sander Buningh:

‘From5to4’ game reduces car trips in Eindhoven

Mechtild Stiewe:

New chances in mobility management by apps and social media – What potential can be achieved?

Henrik Willford:

Commute Greener – Smarter ways

D1 Mobility Management and the Economy

Chair: Mari Jüssi

Sabrina Ishfaq:

TOGETHER on the move – Easy access to sustainable transport for immigrants

David Knight:

The Travel Plan as Business Management Tool

Florence de Brant:

Companies, actors of Mobility Management

Sofie Norberg:

“Avesta TraFRIken” (“Avesta’s TraFREEc” directly translated. Meaning Avesta’s Free Public

Sophie Tyler:

Smarter Choices when shopping: Why walking, cycling and public transport are goodfor the local economy and for getting us out of the recession

D2 Health as a winner for mobility management

Chair: Hana Bruhova-Foltynova

Anna Åhlgren:


Erik Stigell:

Good health all-year-round - Seasonality in active commuting

Christian Schweizer:

The PEP Project

D3 MM research methods 3: Analysis put to practise

Chair: Karl Hillman

Karl Hillman:


Lorenzo Bertuccio:

EcopAssi, shopping goes green

Katarina Evanth:

Putting research into practice – three years’ experience of MaxQ in six Swedish municipalities and one region

Giorgio Medeossi:

Multi-Criteria Analysis to support Mobility Management: Approach and Application

D4 The cycling boom 1: Everyday life

Chair: Madelene Håkansson

Anna Kero:

Innovative bike lanes in Örebro

Marianne Weinreich:

The Cycling School – making cycling part of a schools DNA

Vincent Meerschaert:

Excellence in Cycling: How to become a CHAMPion cycling city in Europe

3rd Conference Day, Thursday, May 31th 2013

E1 Save money with mobility management

Chair: Karin Edenius

Colin Black:

Compelling Evidence Recognising the Financial Value of Mobility Management

Sarah Martens:

Shifting the balance – the impact of mobility management on the economy

Anja Quester:

Test traveller projects in Sweden – how to get a high benefit

E2 E-mobility in real terms

Chair: Willy Raimund, Robert Stüssi

Robert Stüssi:

E-mobility in real terms

Marianne Molmen:

Why Norway has three percent electric cars, by far the highest share in the world

Bodo Schwieger:

Electric Mobility – Experiences and Opportunities

Anna Mayerthaler:

E-mobility model region Vienna and attached topics

E3 How policy drivers change

Chair: Sophie Tyler

Petter Kjellgren:

Internal climate compensation for all city authorities and companies

Anja Puggaard:

From Bicycle Country to Mobility Management Country

Pernilla Hyllenius Mattisson:

LundaMaTs – A sustainable urban mobility plan with CO2 reductions as the main policy driver

E4 The cycling boom 2: The changing city

Chair: Anette Enemark

Andrea Weninger:

Cycling is changing the cities: emerging urban bicycle cultures

Remco Ruiter:

The proof of the campaigning is in the cycling. (or how the BIKE EXPERIENCE campaign leads to a substantial modal shift amongst Brussels’ commuters)

Matthias Fiedler:

Cyclists and pedestrians: partners or adversaries?

Photos will be added in the next few days.

Closing session

Moderator: Christer Ljungberg

Bonnie Fenton:

Brief presentation of the Synaptic initiative leading to the Synaptic awards

Iain Macbeth:

Mobility Management around the Olympics in London 2012

Robert Thaler:

ECOMM 2013 Gävle – Smart choices require easy access – Conclusions