Self assessment

This first procedure is a short, structured questionnaire which serves as a first and quick scan of the quality status of the mobility management in the city. The questionnaire consists of 25 questions which refer to the 12 elements of the quality management system for MM (according to the Quality Wheel). After answering the 25 questions on a 5-point-scale - which can be done within half an hour - the respondent gets a first rough indication of the overall scoring of the city’s quality status in mobility management. However, this overall rating is preliminary.

The main purpose of this questionnaire is to familiarize mobility coordinators of cities with the quality management criteria in an easy and fast way and to get as a result a rough global picture of the MM in the city touching upon the wider range of the 12 elements. In this way, the web based questionnaire acts like a first teaser for the real audit procedures described further. It might also be a means for the mobility manager/coordinator to introduce the topic to other local stakeholders in MM, the MM-team, the main decision makers on MM and the main local and to convince them to take part in an internal or external audit procedure. The questionnaire you can find here to download:

Short MaxQ questionnaire for self-assessment